Sort/OrderBy pipe in Angular 5/6/7/8/9 (updated)

  1. formatting the displayed information
  2. transforming/changing the values without affecting the true data source
  3. restructuring your data, like sorting it.
  1. it first checks if we do have an array, a column/property on basis of which we need to sort & if we do have a sorting order in case if we do not want to sort anything.
  2. another check is to just verify if we have more than one object, otherwise there’s no reason to sort a single object/data.
  3. the orderBy function which takes 3 arguments; (list, column/property, order of sorting)
  4. updated : included a check to verify if it is a 1d array or multi dimensional array & perform sort.



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Md Moin

Md Moin

I’m a dev who codes for fun & likes to share my learnings.